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New semester is coming

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As the new semester approaches, I finished two more clarinet covers

Hello especially


The music is from ED of
Silver Spoon, which
is full of pastorale and optimism. Every time
I hear the song, I recall the happy daily life of Yuugo Hachiken in his
agricultural school. May you also enjoy this happiness as I do.

぀ăȘă„ă æ‰‹

Another ED from Fullmetal Alchemist FA, also from Japanese manga artist
Hiromu Arakawa(è’ć· ćŒ˜). Below
is her self-portray of bespectacled cow.


I have to say Hiromi’s manga is always my type. I can find an optimism from
every person in her manga, which makes me think about the good side of life.

And then you’ll know that:

Take it easy, and all is well.


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